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Director and Principal Jointer: Jeff Ward

Apprenticeship: Capricornia Electricity Board, completed trade in 1982 with all aspects of high voltage cables Both Paper and XLPE Insulated cables working throughout Capricornia Electricity Board region.

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Experience Cable manufacture Design: Joined Cable Makers Australia in Late 1982, in the capacity of Technical sales representative. Trained to Voltages of 72Kv with Raychem and ABB. Factory training in Sydney with aspects of cable manufacture both Paper and XLPE Insulated and EPR Cables. Completed many projects throughout Queensland for the company over a 7-year period.

With Knowledge and Business in my blood in 1989 I formed my own Company Contract Power Terminations. From here I went overseas to Train in Germany with Siemen’s to a voltage level of 132Kv and completed numerous projects overseas and in Australia from 3.3Kv to 132Kv.

With a family growing up decided to take a break at home for a while sold the Business but after 2 Years and working with the new owner we purchased the Business back with a Change of Name to Ward Operations Pty Ltd.

Since returning as Ward Operations the Company has grown again taking on larger and more complex contracts with extra trained staff and updated tooling together with Company policies and Workplace agreements. Meeting the growing demand for a full certified Contracting Company to fulfil the needs of Larger Mining and energy Companies and to be able to comply with the ever changing Policies of business and Government Regulations.

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Ward Operations Pty Ltd | Ward Operations was previously known as CPT