High Voltage Cable Jointing & Termination

High Voltage Cable Jointing is a specialist service offered by Ward Operations with both paper insulated cables and XLPE (Cross linked polyethylene) to 132KV. Ward Operations have over 33 years of high voltage cable jointing experience and have been the preferred high voltage contractor within the Mining and Industrial sectors of Central Queensland.

Our High Voltage Cable Jointing Services also includes Mining Cables Terminations - EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber) in Draglines, shovels and Stacker /re-claimer reeling cables with fibre optics component into slip rings compartments at various Bowen basin coal mines and ship loaders at various Ports in Queensland.

Ward Operations have a large range in stock of Joints and Terminations to suit various cables, voltages and applications.

Staff Training

Ward Operations Staff are always upgrading their jointing skills traveling to the Manufactures workshops and factories to be trained and certified in various company’s product ranges to enable Ward Operations to install the their Joints and Terminations to the highest standards.

66kv High Voltage Joint Training

72kv High Voltage Termination

132kv High Voltage Joint Training

High Voltage Cable Termination